Hiroshi Murata
Greetings from the Dean of the School of Dentistry
Dean of School of Dentistry, Nagasaki University
Hiroshi Murata
School of Dentistry, Nagasaki University was established in 1979, and the newest national dental school as well as Okayama University. 40 years has already passed from establishment, and approximately 2000 students graduated. They participate actively in the dental healthcare, education and research in universities, and administration.

Dentists contribute the improvement of public health and keep the healthy life of the people by dental treatment and health guidance. Dental service includes the treatment and prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease, fixed and removable prosthodontics, orthodontics, implant treatment, and oral surgery such as tooth extraction and treatment of bone fracture and tumor. Furthermore, dental service also covers dysphagia rehabilitation and perioperative oral management for the patient with tumor. The range of dental service increases in recent years. The concept of dentistry will change from “recovery of shape of teeth” to “recovery of oral function” with the change of social conditions of low birthrate and longevity in the future. Dentists have the responsibility of extension of quality of life and health life expectancy by means of recovery of oral function. They must have high ethical perspective.

Education by a new curriculum is practiced from 2019 to train the dentists who deal with the social requirement corresponded to the change in the time.
Education of liberal arts is practiced during the period of 1 year and a half after entrance into the university. The origin of this word is the learning that is necessary to lead the life as son of freedom. The liberal arts are very important to lead the satisfying life.
Basic and clinical subjects in the field of dentistry, clinical medicine related to the dentistry, and research grogram of dentistry are supplied. After computer based testing (CBT) and objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), clinical training is conducted in the university hospital. The dental students learn and consider the sanctity of life through the specialized education. We practice the above education at the idea that we train the dentists and researchers that have fundamental culture and wide professional knowledge of dentistry and oral medicine, that play an important role in the research, education and treatment of the dentistry, and that are believed by the people. The purpose of the new curriculum is to train the dentists having search mind.
Nagasaki was an only town where foreign trade could be conducted in Japan at Edo period of policy of seclusion. Thus, Nagasaki has the culture mixed with Chinese, Dutch and Japanese cultures. Let’s learn the dentistry and enjoy the fruitful university life in this attractive city!